If you intend to install a fence for your property, it pays to first know more about the basics of building them. While you can always entrust the job to professional contractors, complying with the laws of the land and the laws of aesthetics should be your utmost priority. Learning more about standard fence height in Nottingham wouldn’t hurt. 

Fence Height

Generally speaking, fences shouldn’t be more than six feet high. Another two feet of barbed wire can be attached on top of that and that’s it. Other than that, you’re not allowed to build a higher fence without a building permit. Building permits are a necessity to ensure that the laws that promote fire safety, strength, and height limits are strictly followed.  

If your contractor is licensed, they will know about the standard fence height for Nottingham and comply with it. That’s one of the advantages of hiring reliable and knowledgeable contractors for these types of construction jobs. You have full peace of mind from start to finish.  

Considering the Law of Aesthetics 

However, the law of aesthetics is quite different. If the local code doesn’t care what kind of fence you install as long as it is within the height limit, your trusted landscaper may not totally agree. Generally, they would recommend a fence height of 3 feet for the front yard, 6 feet for the backyard, 4 feet around the pool, and 8 feet to keep the deer and other wild animals away from your garden.  

But then again, those are just standard fence heights and they may still change according to the fencing material you’ll use and your purpose for building the fence. For example, if you want to keep your German shepherd dog from jumping from the front yard and into the road, then you might want to settle for a 6-foot fence instead of just three.  

All About Fence Toppers  

There are times when your 3-foot fence suddenly became insufficient for your needs. If that happens, don’t worry. You don’t have to tear down the entire fence just to install a new one in order to attain the right height. All you have to do is install fence toppers, which would effectively extend the height of your fence. These extensions can be attached to your existing fence and may even add a decorative touch to it. To know if there’s a compatible topper for your fence, ask a trusted home improvement contractor. Again, make sure that the new fence height complies with the laws in Rubbish Removals Manchester is known to enforce so you need not to worry about local inspections.  

This makes the best materials for fences to be wood and lumber. They are easy to install and add extensions to. Furthermore, they may even allow for certain height extensions. Wood is also inexpensive yet very functional. It effectively provides every home with the privacy, security, and aesthetics that it needs. Add a picket fence to your home and be surprised as to how effectively it can beautify and increase the value of your home.